Sansui 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC (SSZ35)

₹ 22,490

  • Turbo Cool
  • Dehumidification Mode
  • Auto Clean
  • Blue Fin Evaporator
  • Anti-Bacteria Filter
  • Dust Filter


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₹ 22490

Product Description

Now only inhale fresh and new air at all times when you mount the Sansui Split AC, this AC creates a comfortable working condition in your home and office.

Design & Capacity
The Sansui Split AC has a discreet design which accompaniments the contemporary interior and can quickly cool a medium-sized apartment rooms or office rooms with its f 1 ton capacity.
It has been given 5-Star Rating, which helps to save a lot of the electricity bill.

Active Carbon Filter
This Split AC’s air filter is prepared with an Activated Carbon which benefits to remove the usual odours of pet, garbage odour, cigarette smoke, and from the household air.
Now your family can inhale sanitary and renewed air throughout the day.

Catechin Filter
Sansui 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC also has a Catechin filter which neutralizes dust particles and bacteria that passes over it.
Taken out from the green tea, the mesh also aids to reduce the unpleasant   odours in your apartment.

Silver Ion Filter
This filter also comes with antiseptic traits, which releases silver ions to execute the airborne bacteria.
This keeps your family healthy and prevents the spread of disease.

Blue Fin Evaporator
There is a heat exchanger of this split AC which is made of anti-rust aluminium Blue Fins which guard it from rusting.
This feature of the evaporator improves its strength and productivity, as a result cumulating energy reserves.
The blue-colour hydrophilic aluminium foil in the indoor unit does not have contaminants from the water, so increasing the productivity of the heat exchanger.
Water contaminants are not exposed as the blue-coloured hydrophilic aluminium foil is in the indoor.

Auto Clean
This Split AC has an amazing feature of Auto Clean which avoids the remaining water which gets collected on the heat exchanger as a result emitting foul odors when the AC is switched on after not being used for a long time.
With this feature of the Auto Clean the blower motor keeps running for 10 minutes even later when the unit is turned off which eliminates the breeding ground for microorganisms.

Auto Restart
The Auto Restart feature remembers all the setting related to the temperature or the fan speed and routinely restarts with the preceding settings.

Adjustable Louvers
You can set the louvers, in any, to distribute air in a fixed angle or swing between any desired angles.
There are six pre-defined levels to set the louvers so the air is distributed in a stationary angle as well as swing in the preferred angles.

When the days are humid and also cool, comfortable humidity level is brought about by the dehumidification feature offered by this AC, without dropping down the temperature of the room.

Sleep mode
To get a goodnight sleep this Split AC slowly by slowly increases 1degree Celsius of the temperature with every hour for the starting two hours from when the AC is turned on.

Additional Information



Model ID


Star Rating

5 Star

Type of AC



1.0 Ton

Display Type


Remote Control






Air circulation


Noise Level


Supply of Power

230V, 50Hz, 1Ph

Cooling / Heating Power

3510 W


999 W

Running Current



Anti-Bacteria Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Catechin Filter, Ag+ (Sliver Ion) Filter

Other Features

Operation Control Electronic, Auto Restart, On/Off Timer, Sleep Mode, Dehumidification, Night Glow Buttons On Remote, Turbo-Cool Mode, Louver Step Adjust, Rear Time Clock On Remote, Auto Clean

Net Dimension Indoor

865 X 265 X 185 mm

Net Dimension Outdoor

780 X 540 X 260 mm

Net Weight Indoor

9 kg

Net Weight Outdoor

30.75 kg

Packing Dimension Indoor

950 X 365 X 280 mm

Packing Dimension Outdoor

900 X 585 X 335 mm

Gross Weight Indoor

11.5 kg

Gross Weight Outdoor

34.75 kg


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