Huawei launches Honor 5C Smartphone in India. Flash Sale on 30th June.

₹ 10999

Key options of Honor 5C

  • Latest Kirin 650 Chipset with Flagship Fin-FET and 16 nm Chip Technology Offers 60% more Performance and 40% Power Consumption potency with humanoid 6.0 and EMUI 4.1
  • 3000 mAh Battery with Huawei sensible Power 3.0.
  • Fingerprint with 0.5 Second Unlocking Speed and Register with-in half-dozen Touches.
  • 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080p Full HD Screen.
  • 13 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Front Camera, with skilled Mode Provides a variety of DSLR-style Camera Settings with 10+ totally different Modes.
  • Dedicated Quad Core ISP with Multi Frame De-noise / Face find / motor vehicle Focus and DR Brightness Manage Functions which supplies each shot the most effective.
  • Patented twin Ring Patch Antenna System mechanically switches to the Antenna with the most effective RF Performance to forestall decision Drops and provides the most effective.


Honor 5C
You can stream HD videos, flick through WebPages or hear music on-the-go with this sleek Honor 5C. Continue and luxuriate in doing everything you're keen on a sensible phone that delivers.

Power-packed Performance
Designed for the multitasked in you, this sensible phone comes with high-performing Kirin 650 processor with Fin-FET and 16 nm chip technology that delivers quick performance. This sensible phone additionally options hugely. Very little design that delivers performance and potency when you would like it, also, to make sure you've got Associate in nursing immersive gambling performance, the Mali-T830 GPU ensures a seamless gambling performance. Swish user ability is ensured by the quick eMMC 5.1-based flash-memory chip and EMUI 4.1 OS.

Long Battery Life
Do what you're keen on on-the-go or reception because the 3000 mAh battery delivers enough juice for a long-lived use. The Kirin 650 chip, because it is large. Very little design decreases consumption by 400%. Basically on a full charge, you'll arise to 1.3 days of significant usage, because of humanoid 6.0's Doze Mode and Huawei's 3.0 power-saving technologies.

Fingerprint Identification 2.0
Go one step more to keep prying eyes far away from your phone by victimization the Fingerprint Identification 2.0 technology. You’ll unlock your phone in 0.5 seconds, because of the 2nd information Swedish-designed FPC fingerprint detector. This feature uses Replay Protected Memory Block technology to cipher and store fingerprint knowledge in an exceedingly separate secure storage. This ensures that the information cannot be accessed even when your phone is unmoving.

Setting up Fingerprint Identification
You can add a fingerprint in only six touches. The detector is reconciling and ensures that failing identifications caused by wet hands or partial fingerprints square measure prevented. You’ll additionally use bit and swipe options to need a selfie, answer a decision, pull down the notification bar or browse photos.

Ergonomic style
This sensible phone is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body that's swish and cozy to carry. The body options a brushed metal impact for a swish, rough-textured look and a shiny, diamond-polished end. The rigid edges give a firm grip, thus though you're lying down and texting, the phone remains straightforward to carry. The phone additionally features a scratch-anodized coating that ensures protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

Stunning Selfies
Flaunt that excellent pout for posting on Instagram or take an effort with a stunning seen within the backdrop; you'll do such a lot added with the 8MP front camera with BSI device. The 77-degree wide-angle lens ensures you'll embody lots more people once taking a group selfie.

The selfie camera's four-element (4P) lens ensures that you have sharp and clear image rendering on every occasion you're taking a selfie. You furthermore may have 10 beauty models that you simply will use to boost your selfies. The prime image signal processor with automatic scene recognition ensures a fast and clear selfie even in action. The rapid capture and preview speeds square measure alternative options offered by the front camera.

Cutting-Edge Camera
The 13 MP primary cameras with BSI detector are meant for the shutterbugs. You’ll continue a photograph clicking spree because the 78-degree camera lens 5-element (5P) macro lens ensures clarity in each shot. Also, the lens has Associate in nursing anti-reflective, homophobic and infrared-absorbing coating to scale back glare, prevents fingerprints, and stops unwanted IR lightweight from reaching the detector.

Camera options
The camera comes with HDR mode for taking quality portraits and cluster shots. The mode combines a series of photographs with totally different exposures into a single photo to deliver a high quality image. It comes with sensible Image 3.0 image processor with a spread of artistic filters and shooting modes. alternative modes embody lightweight Painting mode that permits you're taking manual management of the shutter for long exposure shots, an expert mode for DSLR-style camera settings and Document adjustment for automatic cropping and straightening of pictures in documents.

Seamless property
This phone comes with a flagship-grade dual antennas system which will mechanically switch to the antenna with the most effective signal to forestall dropped/unclear calls. The phone supports 4G LTE property and has dual SIM support.

Immersive display
The phone comes with a 13.2-cm 1080p Full HD IPS show with a 74 screen-to-body ratio. The low-reflection, absolutely laminated LTPS GFF screen ensures that pictures and text that you simply read square measure vivid and crisp. The content has improved color replica and manual color temperature controls. The display supports 10-point multi-touch.

Immersive Audio
You can get pleasure from clear speaker system calls or listen to your favorite music in high-quality, because of the phone's bottom speakers. This style together with the integrated speaker box ensures higher clarity and powerful audio replica. Even once you are looking a movie without using headphones, the smart power electronic equipment optimizes the sound output in real-time using an inbuilt DSP algorithmic program and Huawei's super-wide sound technology (SWS) to produce a rich, immersive audio expertise with less noise and distortion.

Memory & Storage
The phone comes with a 2 GB RAM and an enclosed memory of 16GB for storing apps and videos and files. You’ll boost the memory by victimization the expandable memory (up to 128 GB) choice as well.

Elegant EMUI 4.1
This sensible phone runs the EMUI 4.1 OS that is predicated on humanoid 6.0 candy and delivers seamless programmer and a number of options. A number of these helpful options embody scrolling screenshots for taking screenshots that square measure longer than one screen and screen recording feature that permits you to record a gameplay.

Quality Tested
The Honor 5C has been tested for dependableness for increased sturdiness. It’s been engineered in keeping with Huawei's 3.1 quality assurance standards as well.

Other connectivity options
This smartphone is Bluetooth 4.1-enabled and has Wi-Fi support as well.

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